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About Us

Pinnacle Linguistics is the fastest growing Language Translation and Interpretation Agency in India.
We are respected experts translating all types of documents from any language, for example:
- Financial
- Legal
- Medical
- Marketing
- Engineering

Regardless of the complexity or language, you have come to the right place. We respect your deadlines and ensure that your project is handled to your complete satisfaction, both in translation and interpretation services.
- We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreters in any language, as well as the equipment.
- We service medical and psychological assessments in all languages 24/7.
- We take all the required steps to ensure that the quality of our work is 100% accurate.
- We have been in business for 8 years and have earned the trust of our clients.
- Our service and reasonable prices will surprise you.
- We have great prices and friendly staff
- Personalized Each project is assigned a Project Manager who becomes the sole point person which will deal with the client.
- World-class experience: translations, interpretation, voice-overs, printing services. We guarantee it!
- We have clients that call us from over different countries around the world. They trust our service and know that our prices are very   reasonable.
- Timely respect for deadlines together with our quality has made us successful. After 8 years, we have perfected our systems to ensure   that all the terminology and technology available is the latest in use. We have vast resources that ensures that your project is handled   with the utmost care and respect. Our clients are constantly praising our excellent service.

Our services span every language in the world, and every subject matter, from medical, engineering, legal, patents and trademarks, technical, business, academic, both in translation and interpretation in Indian Regional languages such as: Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kanadda, Telugu and a few dialects from many countries.

Our translators and interpreters ensure that your personal and academic documents will be accepted by all institutions, both public and private. We are sworn translators and maintain complete confidentiality of all your documents.

Translation Agency Inc. has clients that range from large corporations to small businesses and individuals that have trusted us like a family with all their translation needs. We have gained their trust and respect after 8 years.

Interpretation Services in every language, including Simultaneous or conference and Consecutive, as well as translations. We offer our Lowest Price guarantee!

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